Push-To-Talk over Cellular (POC)

Gulf Connect specializes in Push-to-Talk (PTT) over cellular (POC), Network Radios and private or cloud hosted PTT Server options complete with Dispatcher console. Shared and Cloud hosted options provided by Sunbelt IT LLC. Featuring Walkie Fleet PTT Software and Network Radios by Inrico, TalkPod, and Senhaix.

WalkieFleet PTT Server

Run your own server or subscribe to our cloud hosted server and bring your own GSM Data plan.


Free your team from the limits of traditional Business Radio Push-to-Talk range limits or costly repeater towers. Our Push-to-Talk Radios leverage Internet and Cloud technology utilizing either cellular or WiFi networks (or both!) for connectivity. Our team of Network Engineers and Solution Architects can leverage our years of experience in the Enterprise, and Cloud markets to help you develop an on-premise or hosted solution that will keep your team connected.

Gulf Connect is vendor independent, meaning we have the freedom to test and offer new hardware manufacturers and vendors to create our inventory of trusted devices.

Gulf Connect is a United States-based company and all of our inventory is maintained in and shipped from our offices in beautiful Spring Hill, Florida.

Security and Redundancy

Our PTT Servers offer AES-256 encryption and all run in pairs with redundant fail-over servers in separate data centers powered by Microsoft Azure. If a hosted option isn’t what you are looking for, contact us today for a quote on deploying a local server in your own environment.

Bridge RF and IP

Bridge your existing RF Radio System with your our system to extend your coverage area without building new tower sites. Don’t feel comfortable eliminating your existing system in case of a natural disaster? No worries, setup an IP system as a backup to your existing infrastructure. There is always a risk of Cell Towers going down during a major event, however, your own RF towers have the same risk. The only difference is cell carriers typically have more resources to get their towers back online quicker. 

Deployment Flexibility

Our PTT service runs on Android or iOS, meaning you can deploy end units faster on existing hardware. A Dispatch console is an optional feature that allows you to keep track of your team coordinate units based on location and availability.

We recommend deploying dedicated PTT hardware to avoid delays with unlocking devices and finding the right app to use. Hardware PTT devices have hardware PTT Keys that allow quick access to transmit messages without hassle.

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