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Damaged Items

If your item is damaged when you received it (from shipping). 

  • Contact the shipping company that delivered it (mostly UPS or USPS) and file a claim, provide pictures and proof of damage within 24 hours.
  • Notify [email protected] that you submitted a claim and provide the claim number and provided evidence. 
  • Have patience, we have to receive approval from the shipper that they will pay for replacing the item.
  • Once approved, a return label for the damaged item will provided.
  • Once the damaged item is returned a new item will be shipped out. Often the damaged item will be claimed by the shipper since they paid for it.

If your item is Damaged after receiving it

  • Contact the manufacture of the item, we will not accept returns of damaged items.
  • Yes, even within our 15-day return window. We only accept non-damaged item returns. 
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