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Flash Firmware on the Inrico T522a Radios

Before you get started, please email “sales02 @ inrico.cn” with a picture of the label under the battery of your T522a device to request the current firmware. Periodically they release a new revision of the T522a firmware that is device specific.

Inrico will send you the correct firmware and ‘scatter file’ to successfully flash the firmware.

You will also need firmware flashing software. This guide is split into to parts. Part one will install the drivers and flashing software. Part two will flash the firmware.

Part One – Windows 10 PC setup

The Flashing Tool – The firmware flashing tool is called SP Flash Tool. You can download the current version from https://spflashtool.com/

The Required Drivers – This parts can be tricky, and does require you to install unsigned drivers using Windows 10’s advanced startup options. The good news is the required drivers and a step by step guide to installing them is found here: https://tehnotone.com/windows-10-mtk-vcom-usb-drivers-for-32-64-bit-drivers-installation-tutorial/

Important Note: I’ve ran into issues not being able to install the drivers on Windows 10 machines with bitlocker enabled. This is mainly due to the fact that you have to restart the computer in advanced troubleshooting mode and you have to type in your bitlocker key to continue to book.

Part 2 – The Flashing

Now that the drivers and firmware flashing tool is installed, you are almost ready to flash your firmware.

Step 1: Connect the T522a to the micro usb cable using the micro-usb module behind the battery. Do NOT plug into your computer yet. Make sure the power/volume knob has clicked off. You want to leave the radio in the off position during the entire flashing process.

Step 2: Run the SPFlashTool

Step 3: Inside the SPFlashTool program you will see 2 path boxes and a drop down menu (see picture above.) For the Download-Agent you should see MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin. for the Scatter-loading file, browse to the radio firmware file and look for the MTXXXX_Android_scatter.txt. file and chose that. In the drop-down menu, pick “Update Firmware

Step 4: Click the Download icon. Now plug in the USB cable for the Inrico Radio. It should load the drivers you installed in Part One and you will see firmware updating progress in the SPFlashTool. If after a few minute you do not see any progress it’s possible the drivers install wasn’t successful and you should check device manger to make sure your T522a is showing up without any driver errors.

Step 5: Once the firmware process is finished, unplug the T522a and quit the SPFlashTool application. Plug the Radio back into the computer, turn on the volume/power knob and use a screen control application like http://vysor.io to remote control your device.

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