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Inrico Disconnects / Sleep

From time to time users report the T199a/T522a radios disconnect from Zello/WalkieFleet/other PTT service or the PTT key has to be pressed several times before the radio keys up and works.

The power Settings on the radio need to be adjusted to keep the radio from going to sleep.

Check in your PTT App for keep-alive settings and configure these if available. Some applications have an option to keep the ‘screen alive’, if you are using a T522a or other non-screen device turning on this setting helps keep the device awake without causing a noticeable difference in battery life since there isn’t screen installed that stay’s awake draining power.

T522a Battery Settings

Go into Android Settings, open the Battery section.

Turn off Battery Saver/Optimization and set the sleep timer as high as possible.

Walkie Fleet Settings

Inside Walkie Fleet open the application settings. Turn on the following:

  • Continuous Server Ping – Keeps the connection between the app and server alive
  • Popup and Keep Screen on on incoming PTT call – Keeps WalkieFleet application on and in the foreground to for faster response and to make sure the PTT Hardware key stays mapped to WalkieFleet.

These settings will cause increased battery life consumption, please keep that in mind when deciding if faster response is worth higher battery usage or if you want to increase battery life but might have a PTT key-up delay.

Keep Awake Apps

The Google Play Store and app maker websites offer Android apps (apk files) that will prevent your device from going to sleep. Several customers reported using these types of applications which solved a lot of their connectivity issues.

There are many out there, but you might be able to use an app like Coffee to keep the device awake as well, this is only listed because it offers the apk online without having to go around the Google Play store. I’ve not used this app, if it’s not a good app please let me know to remove the link.


Android Zello disconnects when I use Wifi and the screen is locked

From Zello KB: Open your phone’s homescreen Settings > Wi-Fi  > Configure and turn on “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep.” 

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