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Let’s level set here, all of these radios are made overseas, their support and customer service standards are not the same as we expect in the US. (Generalized statement).

Their individual manufacturers have their own warranties and there is a huge language and cultural barrier in dealing with purchasing, exchanging, and warranty work. We do our best to list the process of their warranty exchange if the manufacture has one published. Traditionally in the US you purchase an item from a reseller, if it’s defective you can do a return/exchange with that reseller within a small time frame (15-30 days). After that window you have to deal with the manufacturer for support, service, repair, etc. 

These manufacturers also have dummy/generic websites setup that sell their radios at remarkably low prices, if you look closely you can see they are all hosted on the same servers, they use the same links/images/text, and ultimately they all drop-ship/ship from China or Hong Kong. These same manufacturers have their own Amazon shops with 3-4 week shipping estimates, but low costs.

Here is what we do, which is why our radios cost more.

  • We order in from the manufacturers the radios and accessories. Dealing with the negotiation process (this takes soo much time), shipping/receiving/invoicing etc. 
  • We pay for the shipping into the US plus Customs fees.
  • We check each package for all of its parts and if there is any damage to the items. Packing damage is common between all the shipping carriers involved in the process.
  • We check to make sure the radios power on and, if they have a screen, that it is responsive.
  • If the radio is useless without a programming module/cable (T522a), we include one in the box.
  • If the accessories are useless without power cords, we include those in the box (yes, they really do sell desktop chargers without power cords).
  • If there is a problem with your radio within the return window I will replace it and I will deal with the manufacturers for replacement under warranty. Sometimes that means I lose money, so please buy again. 🙂
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