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Push to Talk Services

These radios are designed and vetted for RealPTT/PTT4U and other rebranded solutions that are all based on China’s Real PTT system. You might see those apps pre-installed and you might need to remove them. Don’t use these services unless you want everything sent overseas.

WalkieFleet – We sell WalkieFleet licensing and radios that we know work with Walkie Fleet. We’ve stopped selling radios that have had issues or required ‘workarounds’. We don’t want you to buy something we wouldn’t want to use or support.

Zello Free – Use at your own risk, it’s free and Zello isn’t putting a lot of work in to make Network Radios work great with the software. We won’t help support this because there are too many easy ways for it to stop working, especially frustrating with a non-screen device.

ZelloWork – We have used this, they charge for this service but you can sign up for a 30-day trial at https://zellowork.com/home.htm to test with. The Channel naming requirements are similar to WalkieFleet.

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