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The Process

All In-Stock items ship from Florida (United States). Custom orders exceeding what is in stock will be ordered from their manufacture and shipped to Florida. After inspection of items for functionality they will be shipped to the customer.

We inspect all items when they come in, this reduces the chance of you receiving a DOA/not working item or missing accessories. Some items we combine (like the T522a and its programming module, or a desktop charger and a power cord).  If you receive a damaged item, contact the shipping provider to start a shipping claim asap, they will require photos to proceed.

Customs Fee

All Network radios at this time are made and shipped from China/Hong Kong. Since all items are shipped to our office, we take care of the Customs fees that you typically see from other ‘drop ship’ vendors that require you to pay customs to receive your items.

Shipping Rates

Shipping is calculated automatically at checkout based on the individual item’s packaging and weight. This is to save you money, otherwise we’d have to guess what shipping is going to cost and add it to the cost of everyone’s items.

Shipping is setup for the domestic United States only. If you are in North America we will ship to you, contact us with what you want and your shipping information, we will send a custom invoice and ship your items.

Shipping Methods

The online store only looks for United States Postal Service rates, if you have issues with USPS or require a different shipping company please contact us and we will accommodate. 

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