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Software Issues / Support Requests

Does the radio turn on, and allow you to control the screen remotely?

  • Yes –  Good, it works. Support officially stops here.
  • No – email [email protected] within your 15-day return window, we will try to help you make sure the device is working or provide an exchange of NON-Damaged items. Day 16+ please look for support online or from the manufacture.

Does it work with PTT App XYZ?

  • The short answer is “It should”.
  • The longer answer: It depends. It’s up to the PTT App maker to build in support for Network Radios and hardware buttons. Even then with apps like Zello (free) there are different workarounds for keeping the device from going to sleep, etc.
  • We do our best to create blog posts and keep an up-to-date Knowledge Base for known issues and gotchas.

Official Support

  • We support subscribed users to our hosted PTT Service and clients using Walkiefleet who purchased a support agreement.
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