N60 – Google Play Store

Written by Chris

September 2, 2020


Can’t install apps by Play Store or APK/Side loading. Play Store error 504.


Some versions of the N60 has firmware locked.


If you are having problems installing Apps on the Senhaix N60 radio right out of the box due to a Google Play Store error (504) try the following:
  • Open the Phone Dial app and enter *#*# 275 #*#* (no spaces, I added spaces to make it easier to read).

  • Un-check the box “Not Allow APK install”.

  • Allow a few minutes for the Play store to update, reboot once if you still have issues.
Stock Play Store version: 9.0.15 as of September 2020.
Play Store version after update: 21.x.x or higher depending on when you see this.

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