The TM-Plus is an Android powered PTT radio capable of keeping teams in communications regardless of range. No need to keep up with expensive radio towers, FCC licensing, and ongoing maintenance, as long as you have cell service or Wi-Fi coverage you will be able to communicate with your team. This radio supports GSM networks like AT&T and T-Mobile, and for a pay-as-you need type of service look at a service like Ting. Just make sure to select a GSM carrier.
This mobile radio made by Inrico works well in your vehicle or on your desk using a 12v adapter. The radio supports the Google Play store and any PTT app that is capable of using a hardware PTT button. Zello, and WalkieFleet through are popular options.

Keys features:
12v power
2.5” touch screen
4 programmable buttons
GPS and LTE Antennas

Keys Takeaways:
This radio comes with a power cable with one end that screws to the back of the radio, the other end is not terminated. For indoor use I recommend a 12v power plug and Connector.
You can use a computer program like Vysor to setup the radio from your larger screened computer using a micro-USB cable to connect the radio to your computer.

CPU: 1.2GHz
RAM: 512M
Storage: 4G, expandable to 32GB with SD card
Screen: IPS 2.45″ 240×432 Touch (TP)
Input power: 12-24v
Wifi and Bluetooth
Micro USB for file transfer and remote control
Dimensions: HxWxD – 188x58x68(mm)
Weight: 830g

Working Frequency
Working Frequency
Working Frequency Upstream band Downstream band
UMTS850 824 MHz — 849 MHz 869 MHz — 894 MHz
UMTS1900 1850 MHz — 1910 MHz 1930 MHz — 1990 MHz
UMTS2100 1920 MHz — 1980 MHz 2110 MHz — 2170 MHz
GSM850 824 MHz — 849 MHz 869 MHz — 894 MHz
GSM900 890 MHz — 915MHz 935 MHz — 960MHz
GSM1800 1710 MHz — 1785MHz 1805 MHz — 1880MHz
GSM1900 1850 MHz — 1910 MHz 1930 MHz — 1990 MHz
GSM Frequency EDGE/GPRS/GSM: 1900/1800/900/850MHz
UMTS Frequency HSDPA/WCDMA: 2100/1900/850MHz
Decomposition reception band 2100/1900/850MHz

Inrico TM7-Plus


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