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Resolution Color LED Display
The N56A featured a larger pixel aperture color display with a flexible menu-driven interface. Icons and large easy-to-use navigation buttons ease message reading and menu navigation. Not a touch-screen.
Wifi Connection
The N56A with Android 9.0 system is just like a smart phone, it can connect to wifi, use a variety of applications to increase the usage experience.
Born for Push-To-Talk
Offer to develop any PTT (Push-to-Talk) platform or APPs with Android application programming interface (API) extensions.
Superior Audio
With the combined application of narrowband code technologies, N56A is capable of ensuring you superior voice in noisy environments or at the edge of the coverage area.
Rapid Charging Technology
The Talkpod rapid charger and high capacity battery provides maximum talk-time and optimized battery life by smart repaid charging technology.
Fast and simple deploy radio system
The PTT (push-to-talk) network radio use a variety of wireless access technology network cluster system, compared with traditional two-way radio’s very limited distance calls, it can realize immediate calls in the public mobile communication network coverage, it is an extension and complement to traditional trunking communication products.
Working principle
The Online PTT platform radio should use SIM card, it works with mobile data or wifi instead of VHF/UHF Frequency. It works with GSM/WCDMA/CDMA/850/1900/900/1800/UMTS850/ 1900/2100MHz/LTE. PTT network radios are like your mobile, it can talk anywhere at any time if network is covered.



Talkpod N56a


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