WalkieFleet Licensing

Self-Hosted Option:

Walkie Fleet requires an initial 100 user pack purchase to get started. After that you can add 10 user licenses at a time. The server can run on a Windows 10/Server 2016+ operating system and you own the license for the life of the software. You get 1 free year of updates, after that stay as-is or renew a maintenance agreement for 10% of your current issued licensing (users, SSL, backup, etc).

WalkieFleet Support Services

WalkieFleet server support can be provided by an as-needed hourly rate on a first come first serve model through a ticketing support system. Alternatively a monthly reoccuring model can be utilitzed to provide ongoing support and basic maintenance to WalkieFleet. A monthly support agreement excludes support for the Windows Operating System and the hardware/VM infrastructure it is running on. 

WalkieFleet Cloud Hosted?

Gulf Connect supports WalkieFleet for on-site self-hosted deployments, however, the cloud hosted multi-tenant environment made it difficult for non-managed customers to manage their own hosted PTT network due to security requirements on the cloud infrastructure. 

Moving forward we will continue to support self-hosted deployments and those deployed in private clouds like AWS and Azure. Shared hosting will no longer be created and we will work with existing shared hosting customers to migrate to an alternative platform.

For those looking for a recommendation, Gulf  Connect currently recommends ZelloWork. https://zellowork.com/home.htm

Please note there is a difference between the free version of Zello and the ZelloWork version. Additional support is built into the ZelloWork version for network radios and SOS options. You can sign-up fora free trial on the website linked above.