WalkieFleet Licensing

Self-Hosted Option:

Walkie Fleet requires an initial 100 user pack purchase to get started. After that you can add 10 user licenses at a time. The server can run on a Windows 10/Server 2016+ operating system and you own the license for the life of the software. You get 1 free year of updates, after that stay as-is or renew a maintenance agreement for 10% of your current issued licensing (users, SSL, backup, etc).

WalkieFleet Hosted Services

Shared Server:

We run servers in Azure shared with all clients. The individual networks are private, the computer resources are shared. Utilizing Azure Dynamic Scaling the server automatically resizes as needed to compensate for changes in the current load. The primary server is housed on the US East Coast and the backup server is hosted on the US West Coast. SSL and OTA programing included. Dispatcher has a minimum of two licenses and users have a minimum of 5 licenses, all of which are billed monthly.
No Commitment, late or non-payment = network shutdown. Billing is done via Auto-Pay Enrollment.
Radio leasing options w/included data sim available upon request, radio leasing requires 1 year pre-payment of radio fees, radios replaced as needed due to normal wear and MFG defects. Contact us for more information.

Managed Dedicated Cloud Server:

Your own dedicated Azure Server, you purchase the licensing and we will setup the server, manage backups, manage issues, and provide required console access. Azure Subscription plus management fee billed monthly, 1st month pre-paid. Late or non-payment results in Server shutdown, failure to resolve payment issue within 30-days results in Azure subscription removal.